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Dates: 1910-1915
Size: 222 x 132.5 cm; 6 warps(comma) 36 wefts
Description: Originally purchased at Crystal trading post in 1915. The Crystal Trading Post was run by John B. Moore starting in 1897. He incorporated a new marketing technique that introduced Anglo-American customers to Navajo weaving through mail order catalogues. Each catalogue had a series of weaving patterns(comma) sizes(comma) qualities(comma) and colors from which the customer could choose. Although rugs were based on the catalogue patterns(comma) no two designs were ever the same. The Old Crystal type of weaving broke with traditional Navajo designs and incorporated popular Near Eastern rug motifs(comma) including adding borders and incorporating a central motif. Also characteristic of the Old Crystal style is a more muted color scheme(comma) with the incorporation of only red and touches of blue for bright colors. Made of wool colored with aniline and vegetal dyes to create a pattern in browns and greys(comma) this design is based on the Moore 1911 catalogue(comma) plate XXVII.




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