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Dates: 1850-1860
Size: 128 x 161 cm; 10 warps(comma) 56 wefts
Description: This is an example of a phase I chief's blanket. Such wearing blankets are considered the high point of traditional Navajo weaving. All chief's blankets are woven with a greater width than length and are characterized by broad horizontal black and white stripes with three perpendicular bands. Chief's blankets were traded by the Navajo to other indigenous groups(comma) including the Ute(comma) Plains groups(comma) and Pueblos. The phase I style is characterized by red and blue stripes. Ute tribes particularly preferred the phase I design(comma) even when the more elaborately decorated phase II and III chief's blankets hit the market. This blanket was given to Major General Frederick Funston in 1915. Although Funston is known for his role in both the Spanish-American and Philippine-American wars(comma) it was during the conflict with Mexico in 1914 to 1916 that he found himself in the Southwest. During this time he occupied the city of Veracruz and took part in the hunt for Pancho Villa.




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