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Two young Red-Tailed Hawks looking down from the nest, photographed by Herman T. Bohlman, published by The Condor (1905), vol. 7

A Brown-headed Cowbird and a Bell's Vireo resting on branches, drawn by Jason Meigs, published by Studies in Avian Biology (1999), vol. 18

An Eurasian Eagle-Owl perched on a thick branch, painted by Josef Niederlechner, published by Journal of Raptor Research (2002), vol. 36

Two California Gulls on breeding ground, photographed by Joseph R. Jehl, Jr., published by Studies in Avian Biology (1987), vol. 10

A Myrtle Warbler and Yellow-Breasted Chat resting on tree branches, painted by Louis Agassiz Fuertes, published in The Auk (1899), vol. 16, plate 3.

Marie Pope Wallis and another woman, E.G. Taylor, are seated in the center of a group of 191 uniformed service personnel in this panoramic photograph from the Adjutant General's School at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. The other 189 individuals in the…

The purple-throated fruitcrow (Querula purpurata) belongs to one of the many montypic and isolated genera included in the divers family Cotingidae. About the size of a jay, it has short legs and long, broad wings which, when folded, reach nearly to…

Honorary Entertainment; Eighty-Fifth Anniversary of Miss Susan B. Anthony, by Woman's Club of Albuquerque, February 15, 1905

A young horned lark, sketched by Allan Brooks, published in The Condor (1948), vol. 50.

Canvas-back in flight, sketched by Allan Brooks, published in The Condor (1948), vol. 50.
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