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Dates: 1961
Size: (a) 109 x 56.5 cm; 10 warps(comma) 44 wefts; (b) 108.5 x 55 cm; 10 warps(comma) 44 wefts
Description: After a decline in the Navajo rug market during the Great Depression(comma) a revival period brought back stylized classic…

Dates: 1850-1900
Size: 148 x 233 cm; 10 warps(comma) 36 wefts
Description: This is an example of a phase III chief's blanket. Such wearing blankets are considered the high point of traditional Navajo weaving. All chief's blankets are woven with a…

Dates: 1880-1890
Size: 110.5 x 152 cm; plain twill weave with areas of diamond and herringbone
Description: Prior to 1880 the majority of Navajo weavings were garments meant to be worn. This is an example of a one-piece dress style that was once…

Dates: 1875-1880
Size: 110.5 x 144.5; 8 warps(comma) 32 wefts
Description: The design on this blanket with three bands of patterning and narrow brown and beige stripes between is characteristic of a Phase II woman's-style blankets. Such designs are…

Dates: 1860-1880
Size: 286.5 x 132 cm; 11 warps(comma) 46 wefts
Description: This combination of handspun wool with natural dyes and commercial red and yellow yarn was collected by Stanley Stokes in 1880 and incorporates some traits of the…

Dates: 1953
Size: 217 x 125 cm; 10 warps(comma) 26 wefts
Description: The Nazlini style of Navajo rug is a variation of the regional Chinle style developed in the 1930's. Similar to the Pine Springs and Wide Ruin regional styles developed during…

Dates: 1880-1890
Size: 344 x 328.5 cm; 11 warps(comma) 52 wefts
Description: Eyedazzler designs are known for their unusually bright colors and intricate designs that create an optical effect. The bright colors are a result of Germantown(comma)…

Dates: 1960
Size: 172 x 107.5 cm; 12 warps(comma) 34 wefts
Description: The Ye'ii Bicheii rug is similar to the Ye'ii design but the figures are portrayed in profile and symbolize human dancers representing deities rather than the deities…

Dates: 1870-1885
Size: 202 x 153 cm; 15 warps(comma) 64 wefts
Description: This rug is tied to the Hubbell Trading post established in Ganado(comma) Arizona(comma) in 1876 by Lorenzo Hubbell. Hubbell was one of two major traders integral in…
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