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A Bird's Eye View


Ornithological Illustrations from SORA Publications

The Searchable Ornithological Research Archive (SORA) publishes articles generously shared by ornithological publications around the world.  Some of these publications date to the late nineteenth century, and most contain fantastic drawings and photographs of birds.  This exhibit, curated by University of Texas at Austin graduate student Anna DeKoning, celebrates these wonderful and often forgotten visuals.

Academic Ornithology

The study of birds, their biology and habits, habitats and evolution and a multitude of other aspects of birds, has a long tradition within the discipline of zoology. There are no degrees in ornithology and most come to the study of birds through a BS/BSc in zoology. Most research-based jobs require at least a Masters level qualification (MS / MSc) and with increasing specialism, a Doctorate. Many people take up ornithology as a hobby, especially tracking migrations and noting population changes throughout the seasons. Bird watching is a keen pastime in the UK for example, and many people in the amateur community carry out vital work in the scientific study of birds - conservation charities are reliant on keen “twitchers”. Charities such as the RSPB, for example, encourage the active participation of bird study and conservation.