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The cover of the Amigos newsletter from April of 1995 showing a photo and biography of Demetria Martínez

Photograph of Josephine S. Parsons

Biography of Josephine S. Parsons

UNM graduation rates by sex between 1894 and 1924

A chart of UNM graduation rates by sex from 1894 to 1959.

A lecture by Lloyd Lee given for the Zimmerman murals course (AMST 340) with Alex Lubin in Spring 2018. View video

suffrage banner.jpg
Suffragists from the National Woman’s Party made smaller versions of the banner used on the 1913 parade’s first float. These "Great Demand" banners were used in demonstrations and rallies and at suffrage headquarters. Marie Gilmer Louthan carried…

Honorary Entertainment; Eighty-Fifth Anniversary of Miss Susan B. Anthony, by Woman's Club of Albuquerque, February 15, 1905
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