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Library of Congress photo, approximately 1911? Photograph shows men looking at material posted in the window of the National Anti-Suffrage Association headquarters; sign in window reads "Headquarters National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage".

An address delivered by Daniel De Leon under the auspices of the Socialist Women of Greater New York, Mary Papelsky, Presiding, Cooper Union, May 8, 1909.

A letter from Julia D. Brown (Asplund) written on Drexel Institute letterhead, dated June 15, 1903, which reads: "Mr. J.H. Wroth, Albuquerque, N.M. Dear Sir: Your letter informing me of my election has been received. I will accept the position…

The purple-throated fruitcrow (Querula purpurata) belongs to one of the many montypic and isolated genera included in the divers family Cotingidae. About the size of a jay, it has short legs and long, broad wings which, when folded, reach nearly to…
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